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Kruške – Croatian Pear Shaped Cookies


Traditional Croatian dessert known as “kruske”. Very yummy! Here is what they say about it:

“When I came across a picture of little pears dusted in sugar on a Croatian website I bookmarked it immediately. I mean, how could I not? I’d already made little Croatian peaches so I thought it’d be fitting to add another fruit to my cookie recipes. I’m not up to scratch in reading Croatian as I only pick up about half of the words, but thanks to Google translator it didn’t take long to get the full recipe. It called for orange extract but I used orange zest and juice instead, plus a little vanilla paste, and rather than shape the mixture into 25-35 small pears (I mean really, who has the time?) I used a ½-cup measure to form 7 small pears but if I make these again I’ll use a 1/3-cup measure as I found the pears a little too big for one portion.

Once cooked, the texture of the pears is a little like soft cookies on the outside and even softer like flourless orange cake inside. It isn’t overly sweet and makes for a perfect nibble with a coffee or tea”.


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