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Dalmatia Regions

Regions of Dalmatia Croatia


 Zadar Region


The Zadar Region of Dalmatia includes these cities: Zadar, Novalja, Petrcane, Biograd na Moru, Sukošan, Pag, Starigrad, Nin, Bibinje, Privlaka, Pakoštane, and Povljana. “Dalmatia’s centre is 3000-year-old Zadar, a city with the largest researched Romanforum on the Croatian side of the Adriatic and unforgettable Romanesquechurches like St. Donatus, St. Anastasia and St. Chrisogonus. Nearby Nin (the oldest Croatian royal city) boasts the smallest cathedral in the world (the Church of the Holy Cross measures but 36 paces!). The region of Zadar tells the story of the sources of Croatian cultural heritage better than any book.” – Croatian National Tourist Board

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Šibenik Region


The Šibenik Region of Dalmatia includes these cities: Šibenik, Tisno, Vodice, Primošten, Skradin, Rogoznica, Lozovac, Murter, Brodarica, Tribunj, Zaboric, and Betina. “Two national parks with only 50km between them could not be more different. The Kornati National Park is an archipelago of 89 islands, isles and reefs (numbering in total 152 units) of incomparable beauty which offers the boaters the pleasure of sailing, the formidable sheer cliffs filling them with delight and awe in the same breath. Enchanted with their striking beauty, the famous writer George Bernard Shaw wrote one of the best descriptions of the Kornati: “On the last Day of Creation God wished to crown his work and he created Kornati out of tears, stars and breath”. In contrast, the Krka National Park is full of travertine barriers, waterfalls and lakes the wondrousness of which take one’s breath away.” – Croatian National Tourist Board

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Split Region


The Split Region of Dalmatia includes these cities: Split, Hvar, Trogir, Makarska, Podstrana, Bol, Omiš, Baška Voda, Okrug Gornji, Brela, Tučepi, and Vis. “Olives, indigenous aromatic plants, brilliancy of white stone against the verdant vegetation and the towering mountain massif of Biokovo whose spurs reach all the way to the sea – yes, this is indeed an exceptional part of the country, and its beauty is made all the more enchanting by numerous historic events and monuments, and cultural manifestations. When, in the year 305, the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruled the entire world at that time, decided to build his leisure time abode – in which he intended to spend the rest of his life – he had no doubt as to exactly where build to it. In the very heart of Dalmatia, in the bay of Aspalathos (Split), well protected from the sea by the islands of the Split archipelago, and defended on its landward side by high mountains, Diocletian created a special point on the map of the Adriatic: the future city of Split.” – Croatian National Tourist Board

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Dubrovnik Region

The Dubrovnik Region of Dalmatia includes these cities: Dubrovnik, Zaton, Slano, Trsteno, Zaton Doli, Štikovica, Orasac, Cavtat, Mlini, Molunat, Blato, Srednji Radovčići, Čilipi, Močići, Čilipi, and Plat. “Dubrovnik, the centre of the southernmost region of Dalmatia and its most famous representative, is also the star on the front pages of many prestigious world magazines, as well as being at the very top of the scale of the most beautiful cities of the world. Year on year it is proving itself as a source of inspiration for artists, a venue favoured by members of royal families and the jet setters of the world. Today under the protection of UNESCO – surrounded by a city which carries the name of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic.’ Sitting at the southernmost part of Croatia, harbouring centuries of heritage created by thenoble skills of the finest builders and artists, Dubrovnik basks in a warm Mediterranean climate with groves of lemon,orange and tangerine trees.” – Croatian National Tourist Board

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