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At Tour Dalmatia, we are passionate about creating unforgettable travel experiences for our clients. Our journey began with a simple goal: to help travelers explore the wonders of Dalmatia with ease and confidence. We believe that travel should be a seamless, enriching adventure, and our dedicated team is committed to making that belief a reality for you. We are your trusted travel partner for discovering the breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage of the Dalmatian region.

What Sets Us Apart

Expertise and Knowledge

Our team of experienced travel agents possesses an in-depth understanding of Dalmatia’s hidden gems and popular destinations. We take pride in providing you with insights, recommendations, and insider information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Personalized Travel

Every traveler is unique, and so are their preferences. We specialize in tailoring your Dalmatian adventure to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway, a family in search of a fun-filled vacation, or an adventurer hungry for new experiences, we’ve got you covered.

Exclusive Deals

Tour Dalmatia is your gateway to exclusive deals and promotions that can save you money on your journey. Our network of partners and industry connections ensures that you get the best value for your travel budget.

Stress-Free Planning

Let us handle the nitty-gritty details of your trip, so you can focus on making memories. We take care of research, booking, and logistics, leaving you with peace of mind and excitement for your upcoming adventure.

Support and Troubleshooting

Sometimes, travel hiccups occur. When they do, Tour Dalmatia is there to provide support and quick solutions. You can count on us to address unexpected issues and ensure your journey continues smoothly.

Contact Us

Are you ready to explore the wonders of Dalmatia with Tour Dalmatia? Get in touch with us to start planning your dream vacation. Contact us to explore the diverse offerings of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

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You’ll explore local attractions and events, hotels in the area, the many restaurants and cafes, and hideaways known only to the locals.

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You’ll tour and explore the best-prepared traditional Dalmatian meals, the historical sights, the ancient and modern mix of architecture, the beautifully amazing beaches and countryside, and of course, experience the warm hearted hospitality from the people of Croatia.

Brudet  Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 1.42.55 PM  Rovinj, Istria, Croatia