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Pasticada with gnocchi – Beef Pot Roast


Beef slow-cooked in balsamic vinegar and prune sauce) in the garden of the old mill is a typical Dalmatian dish which has traditionally been served on special occasions and it was considered a real festive meal that could be served only by wealthy families on special occasions. Even today, this dish is considered to be the pearl of Croatian gastronomy and is still inevitable on special occasions. For each Dalmatian housewife, the preparation of this meal is a true test of culinary maturity.

Ingredients: (For 8-10 Persons)

2 pounds of beef or veal leg
20 g of dried bacon
200 g of onion
150 g of parsley
150 g of carrots
50 g of celery
2 cloves of garlic
20 g of concentrate tomato sauce
200 ml of oil
2 tablespoons of Vegeta
6 dried prunes
6 dried figs
1 apple

300 ml of red wine
2 tablespoons mustard
Bay leaf
Rosemary leaves

For the gnocchi:
500 g of potatoes
150-200 g of flour
1 egg
60 g butter

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