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Why Do We Love Croatia

Scenery Everyone would agree that Croatian scenery is breathtaking, whether you stick to the coast with unquestionable charm , or venture inland for scenic landscapes and [...]

Vacationing In Croatia

If you are looking for massive resorts and large hotels chains, you won’t find them in Croatia. There are very few. Croatian tourism is concentrate on smaller [...]

The Tie (Kravata)

Wise history books bear testimony to the fact that a small European nation has conquered more of the world than Batu-Khan and the Ancient Romans. As early as the mid-17th [...]

Picigin at Bacvice beach in Split

Picigin is traditional ball game from Split, Croatia that is played on the beach. It is an amateur sport played in shallow water consisting of players keeping a small [...]

The Romans retired in Coastal Croatia

Dalmatia was a retirement village for the Romans The Romans established the province of Illyricum, which was gradually enlarged during a series of wars that brought much of [...]

Croatian Inventor of the Parachute

Leonardo da Vinci has the Credit but a Croatian Made the Parachute Usable Fausto Veranzio or Faust Vrančić (Latin: Faustus Verantius; Hungarian and Vernacular Latin: [...]
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