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Island Korcula

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Korcula Town is the main town on the island, with population of about 3000 inhabitants. Korcula town is a walled town with it’s numerous buildings and monuments, cafes, restaurants , hotels, galleries, cinema etc, Korcula is very popular for visitors as central location from which they explore the rest of the island and its surroundings. Korcula Town is also an administrative center of the area. Note: Korcula is pronounced “kor-chula.”

Korcula Old Town is the main attraction of Korcula Town – a medieval walled city positioned on a oval-shaped swelling of land pointing deep into Peljesac Channel. The Old Town itself is grooved with a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main street like the fish bone. Fish bone shape was used in Korcula Old Town design to reduce effects of wind and sun and provide citizens with sheltered and comfortable accommodation. The architecture in the Old Town is mainly influenced by Venetian Renaissance. The Old Town center is dominated by the splendid St Mark’s Cathedral built in the Gothic-Renaissance style, completed in 15th century at the place of other church from 13th century.
There is a local leged that Marco Polo was born in Korcula Town and Marko Polo’s alleged house of birth is worth visiting. Despite its rather featureless interior, the houses’ tower (loggia) allows for a panoramic vista of Korcula, stretching from east to west. The house is under the protection of the Korcula Town Hall and it will soon be turned into a Museum of Marco Polo.

The Korcula Town Museum is also interesting to visit as it gives insights to Korcula’s history, as it displays Korculan stonecarvings, Lumbarda Psephism and Ancient Greece artefacts , shipbuilding historical items, Renaissance Architectural Carvings and Coats of Arms Exhibits etc..

Korcula has a lot of small and secluded beaches all over the island, but the ‘best’ or, let’s say most popular ones, are sandy beach Vela Przina in Lumbarda and pebble beach Pupnatska Luka. Although these are very popular beaches, there ar a lot of hidden and secluded swimming spots as well as beaches that are worth visiting and spending a day there. On these pages you will find some photographs and comments of Korcula popular swimming spots and beaches. Panorama photo of Korcula Archipelago gives indication of some suitable beaches and swimming spots.


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