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The Mystery of Dalmatian Island Pag

Mystery of Dalmatian Island Pag Croatia

Pag Island is situated in Northern Dalmatia and is well known for its unique look, rather than typical Mediterranean scenery often found on other Croatian Islands. Pag is close to the City of Zadar and is connected with the coast by the Pag Bridge. Once you cross the miles long bridge, the sense of being somewhere utterly unique begins by driving into its bare, pale-pink hills, a landscape that much resemble of the one seen in a silent magic of a desert. Pag Island is situation approximately 70 km south of the city of Zadar. The history says that Venetian Republic stripped the forest from the island, so Pag suffered a complete deforestation. The forest is hard to regrow with frequently strong winter winds that area endures. Pag is populated mostly during the summer and autumn months by vacationers and second home owners. The magic is gone once the strong winter wind is back and Pag remains the hidden secret of Dalmatian coast.

During summer, Pag downtown is full of life, a miniature Renaissance capital build on salt and lace and crowded with tours, buses and visitors

Ibiza Beach Island Pag Dalmatia Croatia

Pag’s beach is Ibiza

As we enter October, the quiet life begins and islanders turn their attentions back to the good stuff that that the area is famous for, such as delicious lamb grazed on wild rosemary, a tangy, Parmesan-like cheese, and wine.

Pag Island Wine & Cheese Dalmatia Croatia

Pag is known for special, handmade lace, that women – islanders knit and sell using a special, small size needles and patented patterns. For those who love art, a piece of white lace in frame is such delight and makes an excellent gift.

lace made in Pag Croatia Dalmatia

The island’s known hotel is Boskinac hotel is destination open in all three seasons. This hotel is small and stylish, nested among the vineyards. Book Boskinac hotel via Tour Dalmatia today and spend your next vacation flitting between a dining table and the beach, with easy day trips to Zadar for some relaxed and fun city life, visiting hidden Rucica bay at sunset for your romantic moments. If you are a sporty type with love for outdoors and adventure, you will enjoy visit to  Paklenica and the Velebit national parks for mountain hikes that are only a little over hour away.


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