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The Romans retired in Coastal Croatia

The Roman province of Illyricum brought much of the Dalmatian coast within the Romans control. The realm was reorganized into Dalmatia.
Dalmatia was a retirement village for the Romans The Romans established the province of Illyricum, which was gradually enlarged during a series of wars that brought much of [...]

Croatian Inventor of the Parachute

Leonardo da Vinci has the Credit but a Croatian Made the Parachute Usable Fausto Veranzio or Faust Vrančić (Latin: Faustus Verantius; Hungarian and Vernacular Latin: [...]

Island Korcula

island korcula - croatia travel ino for tourists
Korcula Town is the main town on the island, with population of about 3000 inhabitants. Korcula town is a walled town with it’s numerous buildings and monuments, cafes, [...]
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