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Taking a Cruise to Split, Croatia

Apparently, Croatia is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a 2014 vacation spot, so says The Telegraph, which notes how nearly half a million folks from the UK arrived in the region in 2013.

That’s why we decided to visit our friend Ilijana this Winter and book some places along the Croatian costs and prepare for the Summer.

The Split seaside promenade is a great place to arrive via a cruise, where you might delight in the gorgeous Split Riviera view, called The Riva. Because of the fact that the city is protected by UNESCO, Split locals as well as visitors can soak up its historic beauty practically unfettered. When you’re there, take a stroll through the old city center, one of the most fascinating places of this expansive land, which is the second largest city in Croatia.

In visiting Split and spending time with Ilijana, the CEO of the cheap hotels search website, one learns of the best parts of living and working in the area.

“It’s a Mediterranean town on the Adriatic Sea with a great climate and food,” she said, with an apparent love for the unspoiled picturesque stunning attraction of the territory.

Upon docking from your cruise ship, you will already be able to take in the sights of the land – and after disembarking, feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee at Split Riva (this is the center point of the city)and perform a little people-watching prior to indulging in the legendary Croatian food that doesn’t disappoint, specifically the fresh seafood.

The heart of the area is the Diocletian Palace, a huge and lavish structure that’s a very close walk away. It was the world of Roman Emperor Diocletian, who selected Split as the place to construct his estate in 295 AD, when he saw fit to persecute Christians.

With its wealth of historic happenings, pretty topography and delectable places to dine out, this Croatian destination is one for the record books.

Source: Cruising World

Dalmatia – Split Region Hotels

“Olives, indigenous aromatic plants, brilliancy of white stone against the verdant vegetation and the towering mountain massif of Biokovo whose spurs reach all the way to the sea – yes, this is indeed an exceptional part of the country, and its beauty is made all the more enchanting by numerous historic events and monuments, and cultural manifestations. In short, this is an ever interesting region full of attractions which draws a great many visitors. When, in the year 305, the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruled the entire world at that time, decided to build his leisure time abode – in which he intended to spend the rest of his life – he had no doubt as to exactly where build to it.” – Croatian National Tourist Board

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