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Vacationing In Croatia

If you are looking for massive resorts and large hotels chains, you won’t find them in Croatia. There are very few. Croatian tourism is concentrate on smaller [...]

The Samoborska kremšnita

Kremšnita – Heavenly Cream In Croatia, two most popular deserts, which are almost the same, are Samoborska kremšnita from the town of Samobor and Zagrebačka kremšnita [...]

Dalmatian Brudet Recipe

Guests fall in love with Croatia for all kinds of reasons, but traditional local dish employs all your senses at once, introducing you to Croatian culture in the best [...]

Croatian Wine on the Rise

As this Old World wine-producing area comes together as a young nation, the quality of its wines is rapidly improving. Croatia’s winemaking history began around 2200 B.C., [...]


Croatian Čupavci (CHOO- pahv-tsee) are deadringers for Australian lamingtons. Čupavci are small sponge cakes filled with custard, dipped in chocolate and covered with [...]


A traditional dish in Dalmatian cuisine, blitva is very easy to make. It makes a perfect side for fish, cooked meat or, my favorite, cured meat such as prosciutto. It can be [...]


  Seafood – healthy and light! Mix all the ingredients and steam on low fire. 1 kg Fish and seafood, mixed Produce 1 Bay leaf 3 Garlic cloves 2 Lemon, slices 2 [...]