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Croatian Rural Tourism in Central Dalmatia and Luxury Vacation Homes

Less known, but perhaps even more breath taking is a central Croatia, famous for it’s rural tourism that has developed more noticeably since 2005. Croatian scenery takes you everywhere form the crystal clear beaches with one of the most attractive coasts in the world to exciting mountains, forests, rivers and famous national parks.
Privately owned villas and houses are luxury vacation homes that keep well with the tradition. Most of the times those luxury homes are surrounded by trails, parks, bike routes, amazing scenery and many other ways to explore beautiful nature and Croatian scenery. Majority of the homes are close to the bigger cities, so that the guests can experience the city live, once tired of solitude.
Nobody ever goes hungry in Croatia. Your landlords and host will make sure that your vacation home is always full of food and well knows Croatian delicatessens such as “Prsut”, Paski Sir”, fantastic wines and olives and cooked meals from the rich Croatian cuisine and Mediterranean best recipes.
While you may still chose to spend the majority of our vacations in Dalmatia and coastal areas, Croatian rural tourism is certainly becoming attractive offer to the busy professionals that crave relaxing vacation or families with small children. Your hosts will always make sure that your needs are covered and you get to be entertained in the most suitable way, whether is just sitting and relaxing by the pool, while sipping a cold drink, going dancing at night, or exploring the parks, trails and caves that are abundant in Croatian mountain rings, such as Paklenica and Velebit. One simply cannot be bored!
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