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Airplane Taxi Through Dalmatia Islands

If you’ve ever wondered how to visit some of the over 1,000 islands along the coast of Croatia, consider taking an Airplane Taxi throughout Dalmatia. From this May, travelers will have the option of accessing the islands of the Dalmatian coast through a new, faster mode of transport. The regional geographical unit of historical Dalmatia – the coastal region between Istria and the Gulf of Kotor – includes the Orjen mountain with the highest peak in Montenegro. Located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the region’s hinterland, the Dalmatian Zagora, ranges in width from fifty kilometres in the north, to just a few kilometres in the south.

Tourists can now Travel by Airplane and Taxi to the Islands

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Regular flights to and from the islands will be provided by European Coastal Airlines, a Zagreb-based seaplane airline. Two seaports will be established in Split and Dubrovnik, where passengers will board flights to the island destinations of Lastovo, Korcula, Hvar and Vis in the Adriatic Sea.

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To board one of these flights, travelers reserve their ticket in advance and check in 30 minutes before takeoff. Each passenger is allowed to bring one bag or suitcase under 15kg and one item of hand luggage.

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Reservations for flights can be made from mid-April at Prices start at €26 (around $36) for a one-way trip.

Until now, vacationers reached these scenic islands by boat, on journeys that often took over an hour. The new seaplanes will make the crossing in around 20 minutes.

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