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Dalmatia Welcomes Historic Sailing Ships



Sailing in Split and Dubrovnik, welcoming historic ships in regatta.

Split and Dubrovnik to host international regattas & historic sailing ships

Very promising chance to Split, along with Dubrovnik, in the spring in 2016 to host international regattas transajadranske historic sailing ships from Trieste to Malta. Regatta organized by the famous Maritime Organization “Sail Training International” (STI). It was confirmed at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, in the course of the discussions with the relevant port authorities in Split and Dubrovnik.

Regarding a query regarding the manifestation of international events of historic sailing ships, which would be held in 2016. year at this time we can say that the initiative is considered between Split and Dubrovnik, competent port authorities and the organizers of the event. Since it is up to these events remains enough time, the public will everything be notified in good time – say from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Secretary of the Association for Educational sailing Croatian and promoter of this event, Captain Anthony Ro says that as early as next Tuesday followed by concrete agreements in the provinces . So, the city is vlastime to decide on the acceptance of the household. The only obligation of the host to ensure a free berth for ships to Split with their crews, about 300 sailors and officers, stayed for three days.

Decision must be taken as soon as possible to the organizers, hence the “Sail Training International,” we dedicate technical preparation race. Next week we will have some meetings in the provinces with the mayor – announced Captain Ro, emphasizing how happy that the potestatem Ivo tecture recognized the value of race sailboats. transjadranskoj In the event would be attended by at least 30 sailing ships, of which eight large sailing vessels 100 meters in length with the relevant port authorities in Split and Dubrovnik.

Translated from: Slobodna Dalmacija

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