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Vacationing In Croatia

If you are looking for massive resorts and large hotels chains, you won’t find them in Croatia. There are very few. Croatian tourism is concentrate on smaller properties with lost of charm, that are privately owned and are scat erred all around the Adriatic coast. Croatia is also known for eco tourism and now well established rural tourism. One of the best places to visit to escape your every day life and spend a well or a weekend in a luxury home in Croatian scenic countryside that is secluded, but never too far from the major cities and airports.

There is an abundance of life in Croatia in any given season with many beautiful places to visits such as famous Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Hvar, Trogir, Sibenik, to name few. Many islands are now easily accessible and offer great connection with the main land, with a good accommodation.

If you are looking for fast food chains, you will not find them here, but you will certainly enjoy a good bite right on the street, inexpensively. Many fantastic restaurants offer amazing local menus. For Mediterranean food lowers, that concentrate on healthy, fresh, unprocessed food, this is the place to be. Think about vacationing resounded by the great scenery, with a hospitality that Croatians are well known about and staying healthy at the same time! You will not need to exercise. City tours and walking the streets of Croatian towns, many of which are car-free zones, will do. For the most delicious sea food, if you are sea food lover, visit one of many local Konobas. Visiting Croatia is always fun and once you are there, you will want to come back every year. We promise!



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