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Visit Dalmatian Islands and Central Dalmatia

Dugi Otok in Central Dalmatia

Many of the Dalmatian Islands are known as unique and full of contrasts, with the attractive tourist offer as well as the abundance in natural life and scenic views. One of the amazing islands to visit is called Dugi Otok (Long Island), that is 45 kilometers long and has accommodated 12 villages on it. This amazing island is only one kilometer wide in its narrowest part.

The main town of Sali is known as fisherman’s town with the rich tradition. The island is also famous for its olive farms, donkey races and festivities during the summer months.


Famous beaches are located on picturesque Zaglav, that is a part of the national park Kornati. There are several beautiful light houses found on those islands such as Veli Rat and Punta Bjanka. They make a busy tourist spots to visit.

Islands around Zadar

There are several inhabited islands around Zadar well knows for magnificent scenery and crystal waters. Those islands are accessible with smaller motor boats and frequently visited during the day trips and by the locals. Ask your local hosts for more information, as you will not find them in many tourists offers and guides.

Right behind the Dugi Otok, there is Otok Iz, known as tourist paradise. There is one bigger and one smaller island and both are very quiet and private for those who want more relaxed, sunbathed and slow paced vacation.


Special Interest Islands Premuda and Silba

Island Premuda is known destination for active travelers and explorers. Scuba diving is famous here, with much to explore under the water, such as the abundant sea life and underwater caves.

Environmentally friendly island Silba will not accommodate auto vehicles. There are also no hotels, so the only accommodation is within private homes. Hosts will make every effort to have your stay pleasant in this unique environment.


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