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Why Do We Love Croatia


Everyone would agree that Croatian scenery is breathtaking, whether you stick to the coast with unquestionable charm , or venture inland for scenic landscapes and hiltop medieval hamlets of Istria. For mountain feeling Croatian Velebit will do the trick.


Food and Wine

Famous fresh Mediterranean taste, rich with olive oil and fresh sea food. Croatians love good food, but are in general fit. Croatians eat slowly and enjoy the good, fresh cooked meal for a long time. Dinning out is intended to bond with friends and family. “Rizoto”, “brudet”, “pasticada”, are some local specialties to die for. Ask for the desert called “krostule”.

The entire region is growing popularity among the wine lovers. Romantic scenery, beautiful beaches and pleasant climate in coastal Croatia are ideal for developing wine tasting tourism. Aks for Plavac if you like red wine, Grasevina if you are into white.


Simple and fun loving people that make excellent hosts. Croatian popular type of accommodation is “bed and breakfast”. One would think that it was invented in Croatia since long time ago when the older ladies, wearing national folkloric  attire used to walk by the main roads, inviting tourists to their homes with “Zimmer” sign in hand. Most of current accommodation offer are small, luxury properties, flats or houses with hosts/owners. You can count on getting the first hand information and personalized service. You will make friends and you will most likely want to come back and stay with them again.

Fun Everywhere

Croatian people like to party and are, in general, non judgmental. Yes, they know that we drink one of two extra on vacations and things may get a bit excited. You can go wild and even topless if you would, as long as you do not become offensive. Croatians are proud on their heritage. You will have lots of concerts, clubs and parties to chose from. Street entertainment is at it’s high in summer months and very affordable.


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History and Culture

As melting point of both Roman and Austrian influences,Croatia has an extremely rich heritage. While coastal architecture, influenced by Romans, resembles of Italy, the inland is Austrian. Croatia is well knows for it;s beautiful castles owned by Croatian noble families during Austrian empire. There are eight UNESCO heritage cultural sites and two UNESCO heritage natural sites. Ask to see the Cathedral of St. James and Plitvice Lakes. Fifteen another have been nominated.

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