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The Tie (Kravata)

Wise history books bear testimony to the fact that a small European nation has conquered more of the world than Batu-Khan and the Ancient Romans. As early as the mid-17th century, this nation began its silent conquest without hatred or weapons, stretching from its native soil between the Panonian valley and the Adriatic Sea to numerous spots of the known world.

The traces of this conquest can still be seen everywhere. People from all over the world wear symbol of this proud nation. They wear it near he heart, between the shirt and the coat. It embraces them around the neck like a cherished friend.

During the European Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648), the Croatian legendary light cavalry reached all the way to Paris. It is interesting that the Croats, as part of their traditional national costume, tied lively colored scarves around their neck in their own special manner.

In time of Louis XIV, this beautiful Croatian style impressed the fastidious Parisiens so much that they adopted this new fashion item worn „ à la manière croate“ (in the Croatian way). This is the story of Cravat’s entrance into the fashion of that time, the story of Europe and the whole civilized world conquered by cravat as symbol of culture and prestige.


Zagreb, Croatia

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