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Made in Croatia: Entrepreneurs Quitting Jobs and Start Own Businesses

Made in Croatia: Entrepreneurs Quitting Jobs and Start Own Businesses

More successful Croatian innovation.

Marijana Prgomet and Romana Jelinčić have a degree from the Faculty of Economics, while Ivana Pamuković has graduated from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. “Work, work, and creativity. And some more work” – that is the answer given by Marijana, Romana and Ivana if you ask them about the secret of success of their brand Mustra, specially designed T-shirts made of high-quality cotton, which have become a real hit in Croatia. And the T-shirts truly are “Made in Croatia” products, reports on October 31, 2015.

“We work at midnight, at 3 in the morning, in fact, whenever our job requires it. Internet never sleeps and therefore the life of our brand does not stop when the last customer leaves. A lot of the work is done ‘behind the scenes’, and must be done every day. Inventory accounting, suppliers, reports, paperwork and records, orders… these are all things that you have to deal with so that at the end of the day we can have Mustra as the final product. Brand is like a clock; you see what time it is, how the clock looks like and how much it costs, but behind it there are hundreds of wheels, and if only one wheel stops – the whole clock will fail as well”, the entrepreneurs say.

They are very proud that each of their shirts as a completely Croatian product. “This means that, with the exception of the material itself, which is imported, everything else is produced, hand-sewn and printed in Croatia. We buy the material in bulk from Turkey. It is a high-quality 100% cotton which cannot be bought on our market. The cotton goes to a workshop where T-shirts are made, with designs, labels and declarations. For every T-shirt we […]

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